Contract Packing FAQs

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We get asked a lot of questions about contract packing, so we compiled a list of the most popular ones, along with our answers, to help you when thinking about your contract packing project.

What can you pack?

We can pack most things, with the exceptions of liquids and gels.

What types of packaging can you fill?

Our production lines are varied and flexible so we can fill sachets, cartons, tubs, tubes, pouches, bottles, containers, bags and nets.

How do you code products?

We have invested in several LINX inkjet coding line, also thermal transfer directly to finished products on-line as part of our quality and traceability policy. We also use the latest warehouse barcodeing systems.

Do you have your own delivery vehicles?

We don’t run our own fleet of vehicles. However, we do work closely with a local haulier company and are able to arrange direct delivery and collections, from single pallets to double decker articulated lorries.

Can we store pallets with you?

Yes we can hold up to 2,000 pallets at any one time. We also can offer very good rates for off site storage and trunk your goods.

Does your premises have security?

Yes, our premises is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Redcare.

The estate is also locked by security gates and has CCTV. Our premises also has it’s own independent CCTV.

Are you able to source print and parts on our behalf?

Yes we definitely can. We work with a number of approved suppliers to supply print at very competitive prices.

Do you have a minimum order run?

No, we have worked with several start up companies in the past and helped them develop their brands. We’re also happy to offer help and advice on packaging at any budget.

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