Repackaging & Reworking Services

Reworking is the co-packing industry term for rectifying your product packaging when it’s been damaged or features mistakes.

Branding errors, incorrect labelling, out-of-date promotions or damaged bags or boxes – we can take care of it all, on any scale, with our repacking and reworking services. 

Our team of highly skilled operatives draw on all of their years of experience in hand-packing and labelling to get your products back up to standard.

The benefits of repackaging and reworking services

Typical situations requiring repacking and reworking services

Don’t just chalk a bad shipment up to experience. Turn it back into profit.

If you have a batch of products – whatever they may be and however many there may be – get in touch with our team to see how cost-effectively we can help you put them on the shelves where they belong.

Just call 0845 838 0040 or email [email protected] to find out more.

How can we help with your UK contract packing?

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