Product Quality Checking Services

Not every delivery arriving into the UK meets the British and European Union safety standards, which are arguably the most demanding in the world – and rightly so.

What is received from abroad doesn’t always live up to the promise, let alone a standard you want associated with your brand. Codex offers a bespoke product quality checking service to ensure conformity, uniformity and pristine packaging.

It’s surprising how often we encounter inbound packaging which doesn’t meet regulations; simple examples such as breathe-holes in plastic bags to reduce the risk to small children.

How a product quality checking service can help

We’ll take delivery of your consignments, verify that they meet the strictest compliance laws, remove and rework any products or packaging which is damaged, and distribute them however and wherever they need to go. 

It’s a fully bespoke service – of course – which you can combine with relabelling and barcoding, specialist packing and fulfilment and distribution.

You might also benefit from having pallet deliveries repacked on arrival in the UK. 

Pallet sizes are standardised here in the UK, and because pallet sizes vary elsewhere – for instance from the USA – it’s usually best to repack shipments onto UK pallets to ensure smooth progress through the rest of the logistics chain.

Perhaps it’s the first time you’re ordering a particular consignment from abroad. Perhaps you need a trustworthy partner to guarantee safety compliance for packaging being distributed throughout the UK and EU. 

Whatever your need, we can mould our product quality checking and rectification service to meet it.

Call our team today on 0845 838 0040 or email [email protected] to find out how quality checking works in practice.

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